Penny Heart Books

I write sexy books about kissing, happy ever afters, and the drama in between.


Join me at the Happy Hollow Apartments as each of the residents of the complex find friendships, adventures, and love in this Connected series!Book 1 of the Happy Hollows series, "Growing Connected," is now available on Kindle Unlimited!

Growing Connected
"Growing Connected" is a snarky, sexy romp between 30-somethings who can't resist their attraction thanks to the machinations of a secret matchmaker. Fans of will-they-or-won't-they romances are sure to love this steamy read!

Penny Heart Books

I write sexy books about kissing, happy ever afters, and the drama in between.


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KINDLE VELLA fictional serialsWant some bite-sized erotic fiction?First 10 episodes are now free on Kindle Vella.

Booked for Lust
A thrilling encounter with a stranger at work leads a shy librarian to embark on her sexual awakening through solo and joint adventures. After years of languishing in mediocre relationships that left her feeling insecure and unfulfilled, she's now on a journey of sexual self-discovery. Will the man who set fire to her flame remain just a memory, or can he convince them both to take a chance on more?

Tangled in Ribbons
Vicky and Michelle, best friends since childhood, rented a cabin for a last hurrah together before Michelle's upcoming nuptials. The day of their trip, Michelle finds out her fiance cheated. The two women head to the cabin anyway to escape the chaos of a cancelled wedding. Neither of them expected the cabin to already be in use by three sexy guys. When Michelle's ex shows up unexpectedly to set the story straight, and Vicky gets snowed in with the three men, things get even hotter!

Mr. February: Spicy Holidays with the Geeks
At the last minute, Jenny's boss asks her to fill in for a colleague at a work conference. She's excited about the opportunity until she learns she'll be going with her crush over Valentine's Day - her crush who heard her talking about her non-existent sex life. Wade has hidden his attraction to Jenny since they met so she wouldn't be uncomfortable around him. Now, he has the opportunity to show the woman he admires that she deserves love--and good times in bed--and he's just the guy to do it.

Connected at Last
A decade ago, Amelia told him how she felt about him, her brother's best friend, as cliche as it seemed. When Eric ran away horrified, she boxed up those feelings and pretended it didn't happen. She's dated plenty, was even engaged (briefly), but she never got over him. Amelia wants to truly move on and is prepared to make major changes in her life. But Eric is finally ready to admit to the feelings he had all along. Will she believe him, or have they missed their chance to connect at last?

Growing More Connected
Jacob and Susan have been together for a year after a tumultuous relationship full of angst and lots of back-and-forth, but they're finally in a good place. Jacob plans to take their relationship to the next level, but his anxiety and Susan's social life might stand in his way. This short story can be read as a stand-alone.
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Vaxxed and Ready to F***
Sparks fly--but not the good kind--when an awkward romance author and an audacious hottie clash over a novelty t-shirt. "Your shirt is saying that all you need in order for women to fall into bed with you is to let them know you're vaccinated." Lydia enters into a reluctant friendship with the arrogant Dare, who discovers a newfound love for romance novels and a growing interest in a particular romance novelist. Lydia doesn't trust Dare or herself, but the pandemic changes everything.

Hidden Connections
It was hate-at-first sight for mature grad students Greg and Dorothy, but circumstances pushed them to work together. Autistic Greg usually has trouble forming connections, but he falls quickly for the prickly beauty. Dorothy doesn't do relationships, but virgin Greg isn't one-night-stand material. A family emergency throws Dorothy's life in upheaval. Will she let Greg help her regain her equilibrium and shore up her defenses against her over-bearing mother, or will she push him away?

KINDLE VELLA non-fictional serialsWant some romance-related non-fiction in a serial format?First 10 episodes are now free on Kindle Vella.

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Reviewing Romance Novels
This vella focuses on romance novels. Instead of a fictional account, this non-fiction story covers some the reasons people read romance (despite heavy opposition), who reads it, as well as popular romance tropes, sub-genres, and terminology. Once we have a better understanding of the genre as a whole, we'll hit the reviews of some of the romance novels I've read.

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I live in the southern US with my husband, kids, and a cat who rules the house. I spend way too much time on the computer, and only some of it is looking at cat videos, laughing at writing memes, or reading romance novels.